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World Vets Day 2024: Veterinarians are essential health workers

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An Official Veterinarian in a green FSA helmet and smock looks down at a clipboard while stood in a cattle shed.

As the global veterinary community celebrates World Veterinary Day 2024 tomorrow, Jane Clark, Director of Veterinary Services for the Food Standards Agency, shares her thoughts on the vital role of Veterinarians in public health and the opportunities and challenges facing the profession.

A look back at the PATH-SAFE Biosurveillance Conference 2024

composite of five images including PATH-SAFE conference signs and posters, two of people presenting a powerpoint, and a view of the Thames in low light, with the London Eye in silhouette against the sky

At the end of February, the Pathogen Surveillance in Agriculture Food and Environment (PATH-SAFE) team hosted a two-day conference to facilitate knowledge exchange within the biosurveillance community, by showcasing the innovative work that has been undertaken within the PATH-SAFE programme, and other related biosurveillance programmes.