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Chair’s stakeholder update - How climate change will impact on diet and what is the regulatory responsibility?

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Professor Susan Jebb, FSA Chair

We need this conversation to continue beyond the COP26. So, I have an ask: how can we work together on the challenges that climate change is creating for the food system?

Understanding consumer attitudes to healthy and sustainable diets

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healthy and sustainable diets

oining the conversation around sustainable food production at COP26, Head of Social Science Michelle Patel unpacks our recent research into consumer attitudes towards healthy and sustainable diets, and what they mean for policy makers and the food industry.

The launch of the UK Anaphylaxis Registry and its importance for UK consumers

The UK Anaphylaxis Registry has been launched today at the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology annual conference today. The registry will help us understand more about accidental allergic reactions to food. Dr Paul Turner and Ayah Wafi explain more.